Ducted Rocket Engine

Found some great blogs recently of liquid fueled rocket engines made in people’s garages.  I’ve added several links to the right.  In particular the Rocket Moonlighting blog is superb.  That 3D printed engine is the epitome of cool.  Combined with the home made pintle injector it makes a very nice engine.  But this engine also fascinates me because of the propellant choice, liquid propane and nitrous oxide.  It really motivates me to pursue making a liquid fueled ramrocket (or ducted rocket) using the same propellants.  If the Rocket Moonlighter can make a regeneratively cooled propane/nitrous rocket in his garage and phonedzero can make a propane ramjet from two coffee mugs and a kitchen sink strainer, then surely someone can combine the two.  A propulsion system capable of rocket like thrust generation at standstill and in vacuum and also capable of air augmented ramjet like operation at high speeds in atmosphere might be very useful.  Which reminds me, I should take the time to learn how to use the OTIS software.  A case study comparing a liquid fueled propane/nitrous ram-rocket to other systems like sounding rockets would be fun.

A Technology Pathway for Airbreathing, Combined-Cycle, Horizontal Space Launch  Through SR-71 Based Trajectory Modeling